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Teaching the world to swim one child at a time.

Over the years my passion for teaching children not only to swim, but to swim the correct way and have a blast doing so is what has led my business to grow exponentially. I love my job and I am blessed to know that my passion saves lives one child at a time.

Please Read All FAQs PRIOR To Booking. 

    Swim Skool FAQs

    Very Important Lesson Information please read ALL information below regarding pricing, class structure, instructors, ages and level and how to book.

    Registration starts the FIRST Saturday of March every year. 

    For an updated list of openings please scroll down almost to the bottom of this page. There is a whole list in great detail of what is left open for the remainder of the 2024 swim season.

    Where are lessons held?  All lessons are held in my personal pool at:
     3801 Norton Drive
    Richland Hills    
     Bad Weather Policy? 
    Classes are not cancelled the day before, hours before or in light rain.  I try my best to complete lessons so that make ups are not needed on the weekend.  In Texas, the weather changes minute to minute and I simply cannot call an entire day or morning/afternoon worth of lessons just because the weather man says it's going to rain.  In the event of rain, we WILL still swim in light to medium rain.  The kids are already wet.  However, I take safety very seriously and I watch for lightning alerts up to a 20 mile radius.  I do not play with lightning.  In the event of a heavy downpour sometimes it messes with the chemicals in the pool and classes may be cancelled so I can get the pool chemicals correct again.  Tiffany will not respond to texts about classes being cancelled due to rain or storms.  She lives an hour away and the weather is never the same as it is in my pool.  In the event of lessons being cancelled or delayed, the text will come directly from me (Kaleb).  I will also be the one who lets you know of the make up day.  Make up days are always the Saturday and Sunday of your week of lessons, at the same time.  The last make up class will be your show off day.  Failure to make plans prior to scheduling for the event of bad weather will not result in a refund or being added to a future class. Please make sure you leave the weekend open in case. 
    What Venmo do I send payment to?
     @Kaleb-Kirkham-1   There is an image of myself in the pool swimming as the profile picture. Please make sure you send it to the correct Venmo handle. If payment is sent to the wrong Venmo, you are responsible for contacting Venmo to get the payment cancelled.    Last 4 digits if asked for confirmation is 1736

    Where can I find a list of openings?
    Please scroll to the bottom of the website, close to the end.  There is very detailed info on open spots.  Please note this changes hour to hour and day to day.  

    What if I need to change weeks?

    If you have already booked a lesson and it is paid for, there will be a $25 per child charge to change weeks  In the past there has been no charge for needing to change weeks, however it is increasingly becoming more common and it makes it difficult to fill spots last minute. This is common practice among summer camps. Please make sure that you have verified your schedule prior too booking to avoid this expense. Rebooking fees will need to be paid at the time of rebooking.

    What age do you start?

    I start kiddos at age 2. However, if they have a birthday over the summer months (May-August) I will take them if they aren’t quite 2 yet.

    How much are lessons?

    Lessons are $300 for the week per child. We do not offer a sibling discount. However, if you register for additional weeks there’s a $25 discount per child.

    How long are classes?

    Classes are Monday-Friday and an hour long each day. On occasion I will have a week that runs different days but that’s very few and far in between. Please make sure that you leave Saturday and Sunday the week of your lessons (same time) open in case of a bad weather situation or myself or an assistant isn't feeling well or has an emergency. Lessons will be the same time as they are during the week. There will be no refunds or changing or adding to classes if arrangements are not made for weekend make up days at your scheduled time.

    What should I expect the week of lessons?

    -Sunscreen and potty prior to lessons.

    -You do NOT need a lifejacket, puddle jumper or any other floating device for lessons.

    -If your child is in a swim diaper stay close by in case there is an accident and a change is needed.

    -Bring your child around to the back and then promptly exit the yard so that lessons may begin.

    -I encourage parents to read, have some quiet time in your car or even run an errand or two if you need during lessons. Go get you that coffee!

    -Promptly pick up your child at the end of class as the next class needs to start on time.

    -If you have questions or concerns during the week, please direct those questions to me (Kaleb). DO NOT message or call Tiffany regarding lessons once lessons have started (She only helps me schedule and confirm payments). These questions need to be directed to me at this time.

    What is Monday-Thursday drop off?

    Monday - Thursday, parents do not stay for lessons. You bring your kiddo around back to meet me and my assistant and then promptly leave the backyard.

    I do this for many reason, but mostly to maintain a controlled class. I promise the excitement and surprise of what your child has learned at the end of the week is worth the wait!

    **I understand that some may not be okay with drop off lessons. I ask that if you cannot respect and trust the process of lessons my lessons then these may not be the lessons for you, and I understand. There is the instructor (Kaleb, myself) and one assistant in the pool during lesson some times there is an additional assistant in training as well.

    What is show off day on Friday?

    Show off day is on Fridays. Bring friends and family to watch your kiddo show off their new set of skills. The kids work so hard during the week and they truly are so excited and proud to show off for you on Friday! I ask for you to bring your own folding chair to sit in so that there is enough seating for everyone to sit an enjoy showoff day. Pictures and video are encouraged! I love for you to share us with your friends!

    My child is crying and doesn’t want to go back on Tuesday/Wednesday, what do I do?

    This is completely normal, especially for the littler ones. Many kids have some sort of apprehension about the water or a little fear of water on their face so it’s completely natural for them to be anxious. Our routine is the same all week long. Once the kiddos realize they aren’t doing anything different on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday that they did on Monday, they aren’t as apprehensive. I just recommend lots of positive praise and how excited you are to watch them show off on Friday! Swimmers are not given an option to not participate in lessons, I work with them on over coming their fears and but as soon as they realize they CAN do it, they are beaming with pride!

    How do I know what level class to out my child in?

    I work with each child on a one on one basis. This allows for you to have all your children in the same class at the same time. Classes are not by level. A more advanced swimmer will work on higher level skills than a child who cannot swim at all.

    How many kids are in a class and how many adults?

    Classes are booked at 6 kids per class. There is myself (Kaleb) (Instructor) and my assistant who sits with the kids waiting their turn to work with Kaleb on the side of the pool.

    -I reserve the right to add a 7th child to the class. On occasion a child or a sibling may have a medical reason they are unable to attend their scheduled week of lessons and I find the best fit to get them in as soon as possible.

    How do I prepare my child for lessons?

    If your child is shy or doesn’t like to be apart from you, we encourage you to talk to your kids leading up to lessons. Let them know they are going to get to meet super fun Mr. Kaleb and learn to swim and do really fun things in the pool. The more you let them know the better off they will be. I encourage you to show them videos/show off say pictures clients have posted to the FB page so they can see other kids swimming with Mr. Kaleb.

    When is enrollment?

    Enrollment is the first Saturday in March every year. At 8:00am, you simply text (it’s Tiffany's digital paper trail) Tiffany at 817-925-8907 with your child’s FIRST AND LAST name, age and what week and time slot you want. Once you are on the schedule, you will receive a confirmation text. Please keep in mind it takes her several hours on enrollment day, so please know that if you continue to text it pushes your text to the bottom on the list. As she starts going down the list of texts, It is most helpful if you will list your top 3 class weeks/times that work for your family. This will cut down on time on enrollment day. Tiffany will text you confirming what choice she booked you for. Registration in the past has been March 1st every year.  Tiffany has returned back to teaching in the classroom full time and is unable to book swim lessons during the work week.  Enrollment has changed for 2024 to the first Saturday in March.  

    **New for 2023**

    We will not be putting more than TWO 2 year olds in the same class. With 2 being the youngest I will take for lessons, it can be very difficult if there is a class full of 2 year olds that are newbies. I understand many swimmers like to book lessons with friends, but it is just for the first year when they are so young if there is more than 2.

    What if I text you and can’t get the spot I wanted?

    It happens a few times a year on enrollment day. Not often, but it does happen time to time in high demand spots. If she gets to your text and there are no spots, she will call you to find a time that works best! Please try to have 3 choices of classes or times that work best for you.

    *please just send ONE text message. She gets about 200 or more on enrollment day. Every time you send another text, it sends your text back to the bottom of all the texts. I promise you won’t get looked over and if there is missing info she will text you.

    We want to book with friends, how do we do that?

    On enrollment day, have ONE parent send me the text message with everyone’s name, age, parent contact info and location. This way I know you want to be grouped together.

    What’s your guarantee?

    Most of our kiddos are swimming at the end of the week on Friday, I would say 99%! However we have a few exceptions to that. Children with special needs or disabilities and children that are barely 2 or not quite 2 sometimes are not swimming. If your child is fully capable of swimming at the end of the week but isn’t, we will arrange to put you in another class at no cost to get them to where I feel they should be... for their age. This doesn’t happen often so I have never felt the need to post about it. However, over the past few years it’s a question that comes up!

    Of course, I also ask for you to know that a 2 year old is not going to be able to swim with the same stamina and distance as a 6 year old and a 6 year old is not going to have the strength and stamina as a 9 year old. I ask for you to use reasonable expectations according to your child’s age and ability. While I wish everyone was an olympic swimmer on Friday, that is simply not reasonable. The more you work with your child in the pool with the techniques I use and demonstrate to you on show off day, the stronger swimmer your child will become over the summer months.

    ******Swimming lessons are NEVER a guarantee your child will be able to save themselves. Every child should be monitored in the pool at all times.******

    How do I pay?

    Each person will be responsible for sending their own Venmo. In the photos section of the Facebook page or at the bottom of this website, you will find an album labeled Venmo/picture of Venmo handle. This shows you my Venmo Handle and everything you need to send payment. After your enrollment is confirmed payment must be received within 24 hours to keep your spot. Yes, your spot will be filled if payment is not received.

    In the notes of your Venmo payment, please put your child’s first name and last initial, week and time. You can mark the payment as private so that only Swim Skool sees your info.

    Once you’ve paid, please screenshot your payment and text it to Tiffany. When Venmo changed their format, it made it more difficult to go in and find payments. This saves us a ton of time.

    Venmo Handle is @Kaleb-Kirkham-1

    Last 4 digits of phone number for security on Venmo are 1736

    You may also send a check or drop off cash to:

    Kaleb Kirkham

    3801 Norton Drive

    Richland Hills, TX 76118

    What about cancellations?

    Cancellations made greater than 3 weeks out from lessons will receive a full refund.

    Cancellations made less than 3 weeks from lessons will receive a 50% refund.

    Cancellations made less than a week out from lessons will not receive a refund.

    This is not negotiable. There are NO summer camps that will refund you once you have paid. My lessons book solid through the end of the season. Many swimmers want spots sooner in the summer rather than later. It is unfair to book a spot that I simply cannot fill last minute. Please make sure that you block off the week you chose for lessons and plan accordingly. This also goes for if you start lessons and chose to not finish them. I have laid out in great detail how lessons are conducted and what to expect during lessons. I ask that you trust the process in allowing me to get your child swimming.

    What if we are sick?

    If you need to cancel your lessons due to sickness, there will be two options for you to choose from.

    1. We can reschedule your lessons to another week.

    2. You can get a credit for the next summer. If you choose to have a credit for the following summer, please reach out to Tiffany at 817-925-8907 PRIOR TO MARCH 1ST.  This ensures that you can get a priority spot before enrollment opens up. 

    What if an instructor is sick or has a need to cancel a class during the week or the entire week?

    Time to time there are situations where a class or week has to be cancelled. This is why I ask you to leave the weekend open (same time) in case of one or two make up days. If for one reason or another a class is cancelled and make ups are scheduled for the weekend, there will be no refunds or make ups for not being able to attend the scheduled make up days.

    What’s your covid protocol?

    By now we all know the ins and outs of covid restrictions.

    Even during the spring 2020 10 people limit, our classes are still very small and under 10 people.

    We ask that if you have been exposed or your child or immediate family are showing symptoms, please call us to reschedule your lessons.

    And lastly, of course you cannot swim with a mask on, please do not ask.

    Please note we will not be providing refunds this season for Covid. You will have the ability to be added to a different class week or roll over your lessons for a credit for the following summer.

    What will my child learn in a week of lessons?

    Your child will learn the basics of the breast stroke for the basis of their swimming technique (Stamina and Distance). They also learn floating, pool safety, how to enter and exit the pool properly, how to get out of the pool in case they fall in, other pool safety instruction and lastly their favorite… going down for rings.

    I also offer more advanced swimming in students that are ready for the next level. I will not teach any additional swimming strokes until your child has mastered the breast stroke. This will be based on how I feel they are swimming They need to be confident and fluid in swimming this technique before I am comfortable moving them on to different strokes. I use my best judgement to whether or not your child is ready for the next level of swimming instruction. If they are not ready, it will not be taught.

    Meet My Team

    Kaleb Kirkham



    Jean Kirkham

    Owner and Assistant Instructor


    Mr. Aaron

    Mr. Aaron has taught with Kaleb throughout the years. We are super excited to have him back for 2022!

    Tiffany Cupp

    Tiffany has been helping organize enrollment and scheduling swimmers since 2015. Tiffany has a passion for helping children learn and succeed in all areas of life.  She returned back to teaching this past year in Weatherford ISD teaching Kindergarten. 

    Her oldest Cayson will be helping out with lessons this summer!


    Cayson Cupp

    Cayson is the oldest son of Tiffany.  He began swimming with Mr. Kaleb at the age of 2! Cayson has swam competitively with the Benbrook Barracuda Swim Team and can't wait to help assist Kaleb this summer!

    Karsyn Kirkham

    Karsyn is learning the ropes to be an assistant with her dad! I am so proud to see her taking the role I  did with my own mother so many years ago. 

    Updated 6-7-2024

    Summer 2024

    Bad weather make up days are Saturday and Sunday of your scheduled lesson week at the same time as lessons during the week. There will be NO REFUNDS or additional make up classes for failure to make arrangements in case of the possibility of a reschedule. There will be no exceptions. Your "show off" day is always the LAST day of lessons.

    In the event the day of lessons is predicting bad weather, the call will be made sometimes right up until class time. We try our best to not have make up days. Please do not text the day before or hours before your scheduled lessons to ask if lessons are still on. In Texas the forecast can change hourly and it is simply too premature to call lessons the day before or in the morning if your lessons are in the afternoon. We try to allow an hour before the scheduled class time to allow for drive time. We value your time so we try to juggle the pros and cons of having to schedule a make up lesson vs push out your class to allow time for the storm to pass or continue with lessons.

    For 2024 lessons, all lessons will be conducted in my (Kaleb's) personal pool, address listed below.

    Kaleb's pool is at:

    3801 Norton Drive Richland, Hills 76118.

    SUMMER 2024

    *Price is $300 per swimmer for the week*

    See bottom of schedule for updated availability

    How to pick and schedule a class:

    1. Find a week

    2. Find a class time 

    3. Text 817-925-8907 with week, time, child's name and age. 

    4. Wait for a confirmation back that your lesson is confirmed

    5. Pay for class through Venmo and screen shot a payment confirmation back to 817-925-8907

    Remaining 2024 Availability

    Updated as of 6-8-2024 2:00pm

    June 10th 11:00 FULL

    June 17th 9:00 2 spots, 12:00 4 spots

    June 24th 9:00 2 spots, 10:00 2 spots, 11:00 2 spots

    July 8th 9:00 1 spot, 11:00 6 spots, 12:00 6 spots, 4:00 6 spots, 5:00 6 spots, 6:00 2 spots

    July 15th 10:00 2 spots, 11:00 6 spots, 5:00 6 spots, 6:00 6 spots

    As of right now, July 15th will be our last week of classes.  We may open up evening classes only the following week depending on demand.


    Group Swim Lesson Pricing $300 per child for the week.

    Group lessons are held Monday-Friday each week over the summer. Each class is held at a maximum of 6 children with 1 instructor (Kaleb) and his assistant.
    I reserve the right to add additional children to the class on a case by case circumstance. On occasion kids end up with stitches, broken arms and sickness over the summer and are unable to attend the lesson in which they were originally signed up for. With classes being booked solid, I might on occasion have to add a 7th child to the class.
    Please note: My assistant is trained in doing my program. Being in the pool all day and on occasion I may need to leave the pool for personal needs( Bathroom ). In this case, the assistant in the pool who is trained in my program will be providing the lesson, while I am briefly out of the pool. There will not be refunds or added classes. Your swimmer will be getting the same instruction. While this does not happen often, if does happen time to time.  

    Group lessons are held at a host pool location (See Schedule) each week.

    Group lessons are 1 hour each day Monday-Friday for the week that you choose to sign up.

    Group lessons are $300 a week per child.

    Group lessons may have discounted weeks at the end of summer (See Schedule).

    Group lessons do not have a sibling discount.

    Group lessons do have a repeat discount of $25 per child for each additional week of lessons you register for.

    Lessons MUST be paid in full within 24 hours of booking to hold your spot. A confirmation screenshot of payment or notice of a mailed check must be received within 24 hours. I will no longer be reaching out for reminders to pay. Classes fill quickly the closer to summer we get.

    Private Lessons/Special Needs Swimmers

    At this time I am no longer offering in home private lessons.

    Check us out in DFW Child!

    I do offer privates (one on one) for special needs children, in my pool. If you have a child with special learning needs please contact us so that we can place you in a smaller sized class or a one on one to better suit your child's needs and ensure their success.

    From the Beginning

    A Family Business Built

    My company started back in 1989 when my mother began teaching swim lessons in Rockwall, Texas. At the age of 12 I began as an assistant to her, and by the age of 15 I was completely CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard Certified. At the age of 22 I took over my mother’s company and moved to the Mid Cities area, where my clients followed me and kept me in business. Over the years my passion for teaching children not only to learn to swim, but to swim the correct way and have a blast doing so is what has led my company to grow exponentially. I am 100% dedicated to what I do and so are my assistants. I run a no frills swim class that requires the student to learn instead of having an option to watch.

    Just Keep Swimming

    We love and encourage our parents and family members to take pictures and videos on show off days. We would love to share your photos on our Facebook and website pages. Make sure to share with us after lessons our parents gets some amazing photos.

    "You Can't Buy a Good Reputation; You Must Earn It."

    Below are a few testimonials from my clients. You can read more reviews and testimonials on Facebook at "Mr. Kaleb's Swim Skool"
    Jessica Hoffmeyer

    These two are finishing up another successful week of swimming lessons with Mr. Kaleb at Mr. Kaleb's Swim Skool!! This is their 4th summer with him and I could not be happier with their progress! Looking at the forecast for the week, I still can’t believe we got all of the lessons in!!

    Kenneth Marseilles
    This was so amazing. It has been over a month and she still asking about going to swim skool. We swim almost every day and she gets better all the time. We want to thank you for teaching her to swim
    Lauren Townsley
    We are thankful for Mr. Kaleb! He helped our three year old overcome his fear of the “big pool”. Mr. Kaleb is the real-deal! He’s firm, kind and makes swimming fun for the kids. We are forever grateful.
    Brittany Cartwright
    Another FANTASTIC week of swim lessons. I just can’t say how thankful we are for Kaleb. He connects with both of our kids in a way that means so much to me as a mom! He is calm, stern, but incredibly caring. My kids first and second day hysterics didn’t even phase him. By the end of the week they were reaching to him as we would drop them off. Not a single tear on show off day! They trust him and respect him and both talked about Kaleb and swimming all week long.

    1 Week of Swim Lessons

    One week of lessons Monday-Friday, one hour per day. Use this link to pay online through Venmo.

    Last 4 digits of phone number for security on Venmo is 1736

    Please make sure to only pay once your lessons have been confirmed with Tiffany and you are on the schedule. Please screenshot a confirmation to Tiffany once you have sent your vemno. She does not have access to the Venmo account. The screenshot acts as a digital paper trail for her to be able to go back and reference later on if needed.

    If you wish to mail a check, please mail checks to

    Kaleb Kirkham

    3801 Norton Drive

    Richland Hills, TX 76118

    Please include child's name, week and time slot in the notes.